able, but not willing

A while back, the podcast for (I can’t remember which one, sorry) suggested an idea for a Superman movie. I loved the idea, and wrote a short story around it. I worked really hard on this, and I hope you like it. DC, please don’t sue me.

                               “IS GOD WILLING TO PREVENT EVIL,

                                                 BUT NOT ABLE?

                                    THEN HE IS NOT OMNIPOTENT.

                                    IS HE ABLE, BUT NOT WILLING?

                                       THEN HE IS MALEVOLENT.

                                 IS HE BOTH ABLE AND WILLING?

                                  THEN WHENCE COMETH EVIL?

                             IS HE NEITHER ABLE NOR WILLING?

                                    THEN WHY CALL HIM GOD?”


I was five years old when the last of the ships left. I watched them go with the rest of the Library Shelter, just white streaks in a gray sky.

“They’re pretty,” I whispered to Ma’am Estella, who had her hands on my tiny shoulders as she too gazed up at the ashen roof of the Earth that the silver veins were so close to breaking through.

In retrospect, Ma’am Estella of course knew exactly what the departure of the ships meant, but she didn’t let on to the children. She just clasped my shoulders a little tighter.

“Very pretty, little one,” she murmured. “Very pretty.”

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Black Widow

A year or so ago, I wrote a script for a Black Widow movie because if they’re not going to do it, someone should. This is that script.

This was written before Age of Ultron, so obviously it is not Ultron compliant. It is, however, set post-Winter Soldier, and therefore compliant with that.



We open at a massive garden party. The backyard is massive and packed with people milling about. They’re all wearing nice clothes and expensive watches, clearly part of the elite, although which elite is unclear. The mansion behind them is stupidly huge and opulent. If you looked up “needlessly wasteful houses” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of this house.

A man, JONATHAN MARGOLOS, is standing by the house. He’s youngish, probably in his early to mid thirties. He’s wearing a casual suit, expensive. His hair’s slicked back.He’s charming and all smiles. We know the woman on Margolos’s arm. Her red hair is curly and reaches to her shoulders, and she’s wearing a sensible white (expensive) dress. She’s smiling and laughing, tossing her hair as she talks to people. The woman is NATASHA ROMANOFF.


A MAN is walking to the back gate where two MEN in dark suits are standing guard. We only see the back of the man- he’s dressed in a suit, black, bald, wearing sunglasses. He shows the men an invitation, and they step aside, allowing him in.


The man approaches Jonathan and Natasha. Natasha sees him first. Her face betrays nothing. Jonathan holds out a welcoming arm to the man. We finally see the front of the man. It’s Nick Fury.

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