Good Things #2 & #3

I missed yesterday because I made a cavalcade of bad decisions that resulted in me being extremely tired and busy. So here’s the one I missed and the one for today.

Good Thing #2: My Dog

This is my dog, Harley (Quinn).


We didn’t know her name for a while. She came to us as Sadie, during which I called her Sadie Parker Doyle after the Thrilling Adventure Hour. Then we tried calling her Asta, from The Thin Man. Then we actually, y’know, checked her paperwork, discovered she’d originally been named Harley, and we’ve called her that ever since. It helps that Harley is the only name she’s responded to yet. I called her Harley Quinn, which stuck. My mother found out only later that Harley Quinn is a comic book character, and has been giving me shit ever since.

My dog is the best goddamn sausage. I’m not kidding, she looks like a sausage. She is a fat little dog. We believe she’s hound/lab mix. The lab would explain all the neediness because holy shit is this dog demanding. She comes up to you and noses you under the hand until you pet her, and if you stop she does it more aggressively.

She’s so weird, too. She likes to roll on the floor once everyone comes home from their separate ways, sometimes if just one of us does. Then occasionally she’ll just lie on her back. Just lying there, chilling. She did it for four minutes once. We timed her.

She is weird and she is fat and she is a little crazy and she is mine. I love her very much, and she is super duper a Good Thing.

(FYI my brother’s Instagram is almost entirely photos of this dog. He’s doing Instagram right)

Good Thing #3: That Scene Where Rey Wrecks Kylo Ren’s Shit in The Force Awakens

It’s almost been a goddamn year, so if you haven’t seen this by now, that’s on you, buddy, not me.

Okay, go watch this and come back here. 

Okay, so holy fuck wasn’t that great.

The lightsaber flying past Kylo Ren to Rey while that music plays is, first of all, goddamn iconic.

Secondly, the female protagonist kicked his ass but good.

Chewbacca may come in the Falcon to save her and Finn afterwards, but during that fight, fending off Kylo Ren, Rey doesn’t need anyone swooping in to save her. She destroys him all on her own. How often do you see that for women?

She is barely learning the scope of her powers, but she takes down Ren anyway, someone who’s been established as powerful in the Force. That’s how strong she is. Rey doesn’t know what she’s doing, not really, and she’s strong enough in the Light Side to win anyway.

Get fucking wrekt, Kylo Ren.



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