Diana Was Still Alive Hours Before She Died

inspired by searching for strange headlines.
hours before diana died, she was alive.

her lungs sang with air

and her cheeks were stained red

blasted by the chill.
in the hours before diana died, she still was alive

alphabetizing the nonfiction in the bookstore

only deviating her concentration

when her boss asked if she could tackle biographies next.
in the time frame shortly before diana was abruptly deceased, she continued to breathe

heels snapping along the wood floors

until the toes locate a tiny crack in the wood

large enough to send her flying to the ground.
her knees hit the floor

her chest soon follows

her head cracks back

and it is over before her sightless eyes 

are able to gaze dully at the ceiling.
in the minutes after diana was alive before she died

her lungs are not singing

they are not even crying for last whispers of air

and her cheeks are stained with white roses

a color slowly spreading across her body.


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